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Computer Controlled Bioethanol Process
This unit has been designed to study and control the process of bioethanol. The system consists of three main parts: a mash unit, a fermentation unit and a distillation unit. Anodized aluminium structure and panels in painted steel. Main metallic elements in stainless steel. Diagram in the front panel with similar distribution to the elements in the real unit.
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EBEC. Unit:
Mash tank with stirrer.
Fermentation tank with stirrer.
Sump tank.
Product tank.
Distillation column and sump heater.
2 pumps for delivering the mash.
Metering pump.
Temperature sensors.
Water flow sensor.
PH sensor.
PID control of the temperature, cooling water flow, etc.
EBEC/CIB. Control Interface Box:
Control interface box with process diagram in the front panel and with the same
distribution that the different elements located in the unit, for an easy understanding by the
All sensors, with their respective signals, are properly manipulated from -10V. to +10V computer output. 
Sensors connectors in the interface have different pines numbers (from 2 to 16), to avoid connection errors.
Single cable between the control interface box and computer.
The unit control elements are permanently computer controlled, without necessity of changes or connections 
during the whole process test procedure. 
Simultaneously visualization in the computer of all parameters involved in the process. 
Calibration of all sensors involved in the process.
Real time curves representation about system responses. 
Storage of all the process data and results in a file. Graphic representation, in real time, of all the process/system 
All the actuators’ values can be changed at any time from the keyboard allowing the analysis about curves and 
responses of the whole process. All the actuators and sensors values and their responses are placed in only one computer 
Shield and filtered signals to avoid external interferences.
Real time PID control with flexibility of modifications from the computer keyboard of the PID parameters, at any 
moment during the process. Real time PID and on/off control for pumps, compressors, resistances, control valves, etc. 
Real time PID control for parameters involved in the process simultaneously. Proportional control, integral 
control and derivative control, based on the real PID mathematical formula, by changing the values, at any 
time, of the three control constants (proportional, integral and derivative constants).
Open control allowing modifications, at any time and in a real time, of parameters involved in the process 
Possibility of automatization of the actuators involved in the process.
Three safety levels, one mechanical in the unit, other electronic in control interface and the third one in the 
control software.
EBEC/CCSOF. Computer Control+Data Acquisition+Data Management Software:
Compatible with actual Windows operating systems. Graphic and intuitive simulation of the process in screen.
Compatible with the industry standards.
Registration and visualization of all process variables in an automatic and simultaneously way.
Flexible, open and multicontrol software, developed with actual windows graphic systems, acting simultaneously on 
all process parameters.
Analog and digital PID control. Menu for PID and set point selection required in the whole work range. 
Management, processing, comparison and storage of data.
Sampling velocity up to 250,000 data per second guaranteed.
Calibration system for the sensors involved in the process.
It allows the registration of the alarms state and the graphic representation in real time. 
Comparative analysis of the obtained data, after the process and modification of the conditions during the process.
Open software, allowing to the teacher to modify texts, instructions. Teacher’s and student’s passwords to
facilitate the teacher’s control on the student, and allowing the access at different work levels.
This unit allows that the 30 students of the classroom can visualize simultaneously all results and manipulation 
of the unit, during the process, by using a projector.
Cables and Accessories, for normal operation.
Manuals: This unit is supplied with 8 manuals: Required Services, Assembly and Installation, Interface and Control
Software, Starting-up, Safety, Maintenance, Calibration & Practices Manuals.